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Well today was rather glorious wasn't it? I got absolutely nothing done on my essay, but I did eat lunch in the garden with Michael and Poppy and watch her whizz about on her scooter for hours. So not all bad! 

Given the glorious sunshine, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get my pins out. I fell in love with this Scarlett and Jo skirt when I shot for them a couple of months back. I actually modelled a different print which was glorious but I haven't seen it on the website yet, thankfully there was also this version which is just gorgeous. 

I really wanted to play on the black base of the skirt and do some print clashing. My favourite way to do this is to mix a stripe and a floral. I just find it always works. It's a less scary way of mixing prints, call it entry level if you will. 

This chic bardot top is from Simply Be. I'd bought a couple from there in the past few months and even though I adore them, I'm really broad shouldered so I found myself constantly pulling them down and adjusting them, so as a final ditch attempt, I ordered this one instead. And low and behold, it works with my rugby player shoulders. The way it's cut, makes it sit really well. I love it! 

I just love how this outfit turned out. The skirt from Scarlett and Jo is a dream to wear, it's long enough that I can wear it nice and high in the waist, which for someone long bodied like me, is really great. The elasticated waist is mega comfortable and ensures a great fit, regardless of your height and where the skirt may sit on you. 

I'm wearing the size 24, I usually size up with Scarlett and Jo, I think given the quite free fitting nature of the skirt you'd be absolutely fine with your usual size. The skirt sits just below the knee on my 5'7" body which is just great and it has a lovely natural flare to it giving it a retro feel. 

I just know I'm going to get loads of wear out of this all year round. In the summer it's going to look great dressed down with a crop top and denim jacket. In the winter I can team it with knee high boots and a cute jumper. 

**The skirt was sent to me courtesy of Scarlett and Jo**

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  1. LOVE this outfit on you!

    I've been eyeing off the great bardot tops on SimplyBe lately, but don't know what to do about the bra strap issue. Any tips?

  2. I love love love this outfit, the print clashin works so well.
    The skirt is gorgeous, I think I may have to give it a try but I still don't like to get my legs out

  3. Love this contrast of stripes vs flowers - you've combined two of my favourite obsessions!

    C xx

  4. I LOVE this outfit. I'd like to reach into the screen and yoink it. Looking fabulous! xx


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