Style: Nadia Aboulhosn X boohooPLUS.


The newest blogger collab on the scene is Nadia Aboulhosn for Boohoo. Having teamed up with them last year to model some of her favourite picks, this time she has designed a capsule collection for the fast fashion brand. 

I've picked my favourite piece from the collection and styled it up in a Kim Kardashian style, classic white and camel combo. 

I chose the Embossed Sleeve dress in crisp white. I'm wearing the size 24 as I always find Boohoo a little on the small side fitting wise. I'm glad I did because lets face it, there is nowhere to hide in shiny white material! 

I think with this piece and the majority of Nadia's collection, you have to be uber confident to wear. This isn't a range for the faint hearted and that's amazing, but if you're looking for every day wearable pieces, then don't come a-knocking at this door. As with most of the Boohoo site in general this is young, fun, party orientated wear (yes I'm aware of how terribly ancient this makes me sound!)

This dress, does come up more like a tunic on me, so I teamed it with leggings for my own comfort and modesty. There is a zip detail to both sides which adds a bit of interest. I'd have like to have seen the embossed sleeves to have been a bit more prominent as you can only really see the detailing if they catch the right light. But for a budget piece of fast fashion, it's a cute piece that will certainly add a bit of interest to your wardrobe. 

I wore: Camel Coat - ELVi// Tunic - Boohoo// Leggings - Sainsburys// Sandals - Simply Be

It's so great that we're seeing more and more blogger lead collections, especially in the plus size world. We've waited a long time for a fun injection of trend lead pieces. Long may it last! 

**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions and words are mine**

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  1. That coat !!!! Looking fabulous lovely x

  2. I really like the tunic. I thought it would be expensive but its not! I think ill have to get myself one. 😊 Teamed up with the camel coat it looks fab.

  3. I love that white dress/tunic!! *off to have a look* :-)

  4. I love the way you have styled it, I think it has a classy 60's vibe x

  5. Love how you've styled this piece - very swish!



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