Style: Capsule Weekend Wardrobe with George at Asda.


Not all of us will get the chance to jet off this summer, so when I was challenged to put together a capsule wardrobe with George at Asda, I thought it might be fun to do a weekend break wardrobe. With a budget of £100 I think I've come up with some lovely pieces that should see you through a weekend away with family or friends. 

All eight pieces came to £98 so I was £2 under budget! I really wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone so I decided to incorporate a couple of dresses, I often find that I love idea of a dress, but when it comes to incorporating them into my wardrobe I end up putting them to the back of my wardrobe and never wearing them. So for my first choice I went all out on a dress you simply can't put to the back of the wardrobe! 

Ridiculously gorgeous right? And of course I had to take my seaside print dress to the actual seaside! It windy as hell but we managed to get a few pics where I wasn't frowning too much! Haha! I will say though, despite the gale force winds, the dress never once flew up any further than my knees! The skirt comprises of an underskirt, a tulle layer and the fabric on top, so it's really substantial. I added my old denim jacket and clogs for a Rachel Khoo kinda vibe, but this could easily be styled super retro too, with victory rolls and a flower in your hair! 

The second dress I chose is much closer to my comfort zone, I love stripes and this simple but effective t-shirt dress is perfect for travelling. It's soft and stretchy, and is long enough that you don't feel like you'll be flashing every one at any given moment. 

The bow detail to the back just gives it that little bit of interest, It's also great for layering. You could easily pop a cardigan on with it, denim jacket or even a lightweight summer mac. I teamed it with my converse for a really casual look. 

Any capsule wardrobe of mine wouldn't be complete without a pair of jeans. These cropped jeans are a brilliant addition to any summer wardrobe. When I'm running around after Poppy I don't really like to wear dresses. Thing with kids is you never know when you'll be on all fours playing in the Wendy house or kicking a ball around, so something like this outfit is great for that. 

The super light and thin shirt is perfect for keeping the sun off your shoulders, the soft cotton means you won't get too hot. I love the minty green candy stripes, they are so cute. 

The final look I styled was for an evening out. We all know I have a somewhat unhealthy love for jumpsuits and basically any all-in-one style clothing, onesies, playsuits, dungarees and the like, but I just find them so versatile! This piece itself would be perfect for dressing up or down. I've added some bright lime sandals, I love the contrast against the navy. 

I sized up to a 24 in both the jumpsuit and stripe shirt as I knew I'd need the room for my tummy in the shirt and jumpsuits can always be a bit tricky. Everything else I got in my usual 22 and the fit was spot on. Although not pictured, I wore the swimsuit this weekend for a swim, it was such a great fit. It has a mesh panel attached to the knicker part of the swimsuit with the main body of the suit as an overlay on the top. It stayed in place perfectly and gave me loads of support. As always I had loads of room in the boob department, so those of you blessed with more than my modest bust should have bags of room. The detachable halter neck will be perfect for sunbathing too. 

I'm a huge advocate of supermarket clothing. Not all of us have the means to spend a fortune on clothing, but we still have a desire to look great and follow the latest fashions, and for price and trend, you really can't beat George. Some of my most favourite pieces over the years have come from the aisles of my local Asda! With most of the main range going up to a 24, and the new plus size range growing more and more, it's definitely worth checking out, and you can always order into store and pick it up whilst you're doing your shop. Bravo George, bravo. 

**The items in this post were sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are mine**

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  1. I cannot believe you got all of that for £98!! Amazing. I love them all on you.
    Lovely styling :)
    Gill x EyelinerFlicks

  2. Gorgeous pieces, I especially love that striped dress. I don't think you can beat George for quality and price!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. The fabric pattern of that dress is beautiful. I just went on the George website to find that it's pretty much sold out! However there is another dress which uses the same fabric in a more shift style (,default,pd.html) so I'm going to give it a go - I shouldn't read your blog, you post too much lovely stuff :)

  4. Love the dresses ... specially the first as it flutters away in the wind!

    C xx


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