Style: Wide Calf Boots with Jilsen.


Well it's day three of my capsule wardrobe challenge. Today's outfit includes a pair of boots from Netherlands based brand Jilsen. I was sent the boots just before I started my challenge so I decided to incorporate them as they are so beautiful. There was no way I was going to wait until April to get loads of wear out of them! 

I wore: Kimono - ASOS (old)// Dress - H&M (old)// Leggings - Sainsburys// Wide Calf Boots - Jilsen

Now firstly, let me tell you a story. Knee high boots have been the bane of my fatty life. I have quite regular width feet and pretty slim ankles for a chubby girl. So on the odd occasion I've actually managed to find a boot wide enough to fit my wonderfully large calfs they are usually ridiculously baggy in the ankles and constantly fall down. Or they are so wide in the foot, my feet just slosh around the bottom of the boot. Very annoying.

Now, whilst the Jilsen boots are still a tiny bit baggy in the ankle for my ridiculous ankle to calf ratio, they are thankfully a whole world of better fit than any other knee high boot I've ever worn. Hallelujah! 

I am wearing the 'Amber' Style in a 52cm calf. They are just about perfect for me. The boot zips up in one go, they sit well on the calf and are just the right heel height for me, a little bit of lift, not too flat, not too high. 

They are made of the most beautiful soft leather and have a cute zip detail to the outside, as well as the functional zip on the inner leg. The top portion is almost asymmetrical, it sits higher on the outer calf then comes down on the inner calf, the leather has some different pigmentation across the toes giving the boots a vintage kind of feel.  

The boots are currently priced at £138.28 in the sale, they usually retail at £195.83 and to be quite honest, I would happily pay that for them. They are an exceptionally beautifully crafted pair of soft, buttery leather boots that I know I will wear for many, many years to come. And given that stylish, truly wide fit calf boots are hard to come by, it's a small price to pay for a quality product. And no more than you would pay on the high street at places like Jones the Bootmaker, except Jones don't make boots for fatties, does he?

These are the kind of boots I'm going to wear with pretty dresses, or with leggings, a long top and cropped denim jacket for a bit of off duty, casual style. Jilsen have some beautiful boots in lots of different styles and colours to suit most tastes and they come in 3 calf measurements, 44cm, 48cm, and 52cm. Shipping and returns are free too which is fantastic! 

Tomorrow is a uni day, so I expect my day four challenge outfit to be something jeans orientated!! 

**The boots in the post were sent to me for the purposes of review.  Words and opinions are my own**

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  1. Well hello new fashion inspiration/crush! :) I just now found you via Pinterest and I am very happy i did! You are freaking adorable and I love your style. Also you just led me to the best new find in these boots!!!!! My husband and I are moving to the Netherlands later this year so it's even more exciting that I'll have a boot option in country! thanks for doing the review on them. ;)

    1. Hey Trina, so sorry I forgot to reply to your message, this month has been crazy! Thank you so much, so glad you're enjoying the blog!! And good luck with the move!! Xx


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