Style: Minimalist March, Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.


Hello guys, hope you're having a great weekend? It's March! How did that happen?

For March I've decided to do a kind of capsule wardrobe challenge. It's something I've wanted to do for a while now, but as someone who gets a complex from wearing the same outfit twice a month, it does give me some serious anxiety issues. That said, I am up for the challenge, and here's why...

It's all change at BeBe Towers, we're moving at the end of the month, so I wanted to find a way to pack most of my wardrobe away but still look nice, so I decided to create a capsule wardrobe. I thought it would take the stress out of choosing what to wear every day and make my life a bit easier.

So first up is the clothing element. From the top left hand corner I'll list below the items per column. I've linked to any items that are still available to buy as well. I went with a muted palette of blacks, greys and khakis with some accent pieces like stripes, florals and houndstooth. And of course, my trusty jeans made it in, there is no way I could go a month without them! 

Column 1, Far Left - 

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

  • Black Jersey Leggings
  • Black Jersey Long Sleeved Top
  • Black Jersey Vest
  • Black Jersey Peg Leg Trousers
  • Black Silky Cami Vest

I've chosen three coats to see me through the month. I went for my most versatile coats that I knew would go with lots of different outfits and be great for varying occasions too. 


And finally, the footwear. Again I went for practical and versatile.


So that's 25 Items for 31 days. I can't envisage it's going to be too difficult to get a good variety of outfits from my choices, I think the biggest challenge will be stopping me from getting really bored! But I'm so busy this month, it will hopefully just eliminate my time consuming obsession with clothes!

And my outfit for today, the1st of March? Well nothing ground breaking or exciting but super comfy for a Sunday. Perfect for spending time with the family, cooking and running round after Poppy!


Items used: Black Leggings, Black Vest, Stripe Jumper, Biker Jacket and Converse Trainers

I will endeavor to document every outfit, I won't necessarily blog them every day, but I will do updates every few days. I of course have commitments to brands that I'm working with in regards to reviews, so any reviews I have scheduled in for this month will appear in separate posts, where I will style the garments and photograph them purely for the purposes of the blog (if that makes sense haha!). 

I hope you'll enjoy seeing what outfits I come up with on the challenge and see how frustrated I get when I don't want to wear the same thing again haha!

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  1. Oooh, great idea!!! I'm really intrigued to see how many outfits you make out of this!

    C xx


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