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Have you ever just put a dress on and gone 'WOW!' No there are no subtle introductions to this post, there are no other words but WOW. 

Firstly, hello boobies! This dress does things for my boobs no garment ever has done before. The Georgia from the Gemma Collins Collection is just the perfect occasion dress. It's sexy, but understated and it fits so great. Can you tell I'm a bit enthused about it?

Size wise, I'm wearing the 22, it's a great fit. If you're happy wearing a va-va-voom, body con style dress then stay true to size. If you want it to skim the body a little more then size up. On my 5'7" heigh it sits just on the knee. The navy doesn't come across to well in my pictures, but it is the most rich, sumptuous shade of navy, which I love, it's makes such a nice change from black. 

Seriously, if you have a special date coming up, a fancy Valentine's dinner, a party, doing the weekly shop, seriously just wear this dress! I mean it.

If this navy number isn't to your taste, the site has some really gorgeous occasion dresses and more casual numbers. Theres a great variety of styles and prices to suit every ones budget. I'm really impressed! Click here to see the full range.

Can't stop looking at my boobs...

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  1. You look absolutely phenomenal ... such an amazing dress!
    Loving the shoes too ...

    C xx

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a VavaVoom dress! Xx

  2. You look absolutely bloody gorgeous! Love the last photo of you, amazing dress x

  3. Beautiful! It looks amazing on you. Perfect :)

  4. Goodness me!!! That dress looks AMAZING on you.

  5. you look incredible, that dress is so beautiful! I've looked at Gemma Collins' dresses before and she has so many nice designs in her collection

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. She has some lovely dresses, perfect for the party girl! Xx


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