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Back in December I got an email from a chap called Gifi. For those of you who don't know, Gifi is the guy behind Scarlett and Jo. He won't mind me saying I'm sure, but he's quite the character! When I first met him around 2 years ago, I was completely surprised to find out he already knew who I was and in fact read my blog. You see that's the thing about Gifi. He doesn't sit in his ivory tower clueless to what's going on, he actually takes the time to read blogs and customer feedback and he puts all that knowledge back into Scarlett and Jo. 

The email in question was to compliment me on my latest review for Scarlett and Jo, which is nice, but what came next kind of blew me away. Gifi and I have this joke that I'm his 'casual girl', I always turn up at the S&J offices in jeans and I'm known for my love of separates, so when Gifi revealed to me that he'd designed some separates for the SS15 collection inspired by me, I was so bowled over.

How flipping cool is that??

At this point I didn't really know what would come of it, or if indeed they'd even go into production. But then in January, I got an email from Aoife, the PR Marketing Manager inviting me to a shoot in London. I of course, said yes. You see, it's not very often one gets an outfit designed for them, so of course I'm going to go and model it!

Over the weeks leading up to the shoot, it kind of evolved onto an event with a talk of a cupcake party and a big suite being hired for us to use. The shoot took place at the sumptuous Home House in the heart of London. This stunning Georgian town house was the perfect setting for our shoot. 

Greeted by Gifi himself we were lead up to the suite where the team were busy setting up and organising for the day. After an opportunity to view the pieces chosen and designed for us we were sent straight through to hair and make up to get our glam on! 

Me and my darling Elena <3

The day itself was actually really relaxed and laid back, after the initial flurry of getting ready, there was time to chat with the team, catch up with all the other blogging babes and even go for a drink in the lounge. 

I'm ready for my close up!

Taking a cheekie selfie on the balcony!

After a morning of shooting we headed up to the lounge for the cupcake party, the delicious lemon meringue cupcakes were to die for, accompanied, of course by a pot of tea. 

After our yummy cupcakes, there was time to shoot one last look before we packed down. After calling it a day, we headed down out for a celebratory dinner where we chatted and laughed.

It was a truly lovely end to an amazing day. A day I will remember for a long time. It's not bad this blogging malarky is it? 

Photograph courtesy of Nicky Rockets

Photograph courtesy of Nicky Rockets

A final note. I could not have wished to spend the day the day with a better bunch of ladies. Thanks gals <3
L-R: Hollie, Nancy, Mayah, Georgina, Elena, Betty, Gloria, Me.

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  1. This whole Scarlett & Jo collection deigned with bloggers in mind is amazing! What an honour to be chosen and what a gorgeous line Gifi has produced! I like your style as you wear a lot of casual outfits like me, and I can see myself wearing the things you do. It's brilliant that this time around a pair of trousers has been incorporated into a range, as as beautiful as all the dresses are, I'm just not a dress girl and always feel left out of the latest ranges!

    1. Yes same here Kaytee! I think it adds a nice bit of variety to the range too Xx

  2. Loving those floral pants on you! Glad you had such a wonderful day.

    C xx

  3. Those floral trews are the sex and you look like a right glamour puss. xx

  4. Great post Hun! Your final images came out amazing!! I knew they would anyway, everyone looked amazing on the day. The separates designed for you are so cool I mean they can work for both casual and dressy looks.

    I had so much fun getting to know you better too and I look forward to seeing you soon xx

    1. Was an absolute pleasure t spend a day in your company! You looked gorgeous too X x

  5. such a great story, it's really nice to hear a real tale behind a brand and it's fab that Scarlett and Jo have involved bloggers so much - they're really paving the way for the future I think!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's really inspiring isn't Jade? Let's hope more brands follow suit! Xx


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