Vlog: Curvy Kate Luxe Bra Review


Hey everyone, hope you're having a great weekend. Last week I treated myself to a much needed new strapless bra. My old ill-fitting one breathed its last minting breathe over the summer. I'd heard great things about the Curvy Kate Luxe so I went for it. Have a laugh at my expense whilst I jump up and down and wiggle my boobs! 

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  1. 😂😂 enjoyed this very much! Good review 👍

  2. That was great to watch! You are hilarious and adorable!

    I want to order one of their strapless bras, but I'm nervous as I am sooo very busty and I worry I;d get a measurement wrong. I wish there were more options locally. There is only one shop in Vancouver that sells my size and one more that is about an hour drive away that carries a wider selection.

    1. Check out the curvy Kate website, they have some really great tips on how to measure. It's such a great bra, really worth getting but obviously I know you want to feel confident with sizing before you go ahead x x

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