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I bought this skirt from H&M a good 3 or 4 months ago. I fell in love with the print. I've took it out my wardrobe, I've tried it on, I've huffed and puffed and put it back on the hanger again. I wanted to love it so much but just couldn't find the right way to wear it. Everything I wore with it looked stupid (in my head). 

In an attempt to force myself to wear it I thought I'd style it for the blog and see what you guys thought and maybe when faced with it, I could think of a way to wear it and enjoy it! (I know all this for a £10 skirt, I do take my fashion seriously don't I?) 

So I teamed it with my trusty denim shirt, a big necklace (of course) and some pointy court shoes. I like the look, but I'm still left with the dilemma of where I would wear this outfit. I think this would be great if I worked in quite a casual office maybe? But for my day-to-day life it just isn't appropriate.

I think what this little experiment has proved to me is a. Don't buy pencil skirts for day wear because the reality is I will never wear them, they feel too dressy and b. *If* I wear this skirt it will have to be for a night out or a date or something. I need to stop trying to incorporate it into my day wardrobe! 

So if you have an item in your wardrobe you're not sure about, or are struggling to style it, I can recommend this method. You don't need to have a blog but it's worth trying the item on, taking some pics and having a look at them. Decide if it is in fact the item for you and if so how best to style it or how to get rid of it! It's a great method when cleaning out your wardrobe too. Try some of your more neglected items on and take some mirror pics. Decide if it's still really "you" or still fits with your lifestyle. As our lives change as does our wardrobe. Don't hang on to items that no longer reflect that. 

I'm not quite ready to let go of this skirt yet, but at least now I know how it fits in to my wardrobe a bit better and when I'm most comfortable wearing it! 

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  1. I like this outfit. to me it looks like workwear or a not too posh night out. like your hair too.

  2. I actually love this outfit - it's super classy and, as you say, would look great in a laid back office. I'd also wear this through warmer months with plimsoles for general day wear ...

    C xx

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  4. Looove the skirt. I tried it on when it was out but I tought I had too many animal prints already... Ended up buying more prints but not that skirt! I just eish I could find a denim shirt for me... I dream of finding one with no 'boob pockets'. Still looking!!!
    You look great, as usual!


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