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I have been lusting after this little mustard tweed jacket by ELVi since September when I saw it at Plus North. Then my long lean northern sex kitten Em at Terrible Tumbles reviewed it and I fell even more in love, why it's taken me so long to purchase I have absolutely no idea. It was finally when my lovely pal Claire got hers, I snapped and though right, I will regret this forever if I don't get it now.

And of course it's perfect. I love everything from ELVi, they serve grown up style with a strong fashion feel. No these aren't fast fashion pieces, they are the sort if items you'll have in your wardrobe for years to come yet they continue to look fresh year on year, because ironically, they're classic (if that makes sense!)

In terms of fit, this jacket is spot on. I'm wearing the 22, it's fitted but not tight in the arms, it zips up with a little bit of room for movement. My only issue and it's a teeny one is that this jacket had shoulder pads, which on my already broad shoulders looked a bit ridiculous. Easily solved, I unpicked the lining (yes it's fully lined too) and snipped them out. I'm going to get my mum to sew up the small bit I unpicked because I'm not so good with the needle. Claire and I have blogged this jacket at the same time so you can see it on her body shape and you'll see on her, the shoulder pads are perfect, they help balance out her large bust. 

The fabric is a soft loose weave tweed, it has browns and red running through the mustard, it's just so pretty. I think one of the reasons I love this so much is it's versatility, I know that's a word I bang on about a lot, but when you don't know from one week to the next if you'll be in a business meeting or dashing around running errands and picking up the baby from school, versatile garments are so important. This is something I can throw on with jeans like today, or over a black dress for a meeting or evening out. 

You can pick this jacket up in the sale, just like I did for the bargain price of £20. Don't forget to check out Claire's post on Monkey See, Monkey do, Monkey Wear to see how she got on with hers, and I've linked Em at the top of the post, so there's a good range of heights and sizes to see it on. 

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  1. I love the jacket it is very you and what a bargain! xx

  2. Colour looks amazing on you ... wish I could pull of mustard but it make me look sallow!

    C xx

  3. You look amazin as usual! I love the colour but cropped jackets always look odd on me or I would snap this up!


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