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It's not really been the weather for the most inspirational of outfits. For me it's been about staying warm and comfortable. I've been stocking up on knitwear and I'll be completely honest, when this one turned up I wasn't sure I could pull off such a bright green. But once I tried it on I fell in love with it! 

I'm wearing the jumper with the Simply Be ripped skinny jeans and slightly battered converse. It was my day to do the school run and take Pops for her swimming lesson so I needed my outfit to be warm, comfy and practical. 

As you can see, there is a really nice zip detail to the back and the jumper is a kind of waffle texture. I ordered the 24 because I like a lot of room in my knitwear, but I think it's supposed to be a bit more fitted so if you prefer it that way, I'd stick with your regular size. 

My dearest dad took these pics, hence why you can see half of their back garden and neighbourhood too, but I think they still came out okay! Haha! Also check out my darling chubby Buddah mate in the background, chubby chaps rock! 

I have to go to hospital tomorrow for (joy of joys) a colonoscopy, so I'm currently starving and grumpy. I'm going to try and schedule another post because I'll be spending Friday in bed feeling sorry for myself, then Saturday I'm heading to London to shoot for one of my fave brands so I'm a bit busy, but I will be posting pics from the day so keep an eye out for those! 

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