Sunday, 30 November 2014

Style: 5,4,3,2,1...

I went to see The Manfreds on Thursday, or Manfred Mann as you might know them, or you might not know them at all! The gig was really fantastic, I mean, these guys are in their 70s and their vocals were amazing. Granted, Michael and I were the youngest people in the room by a very long stretch and it wasn't the most rowdy gig I've ever been to, but it was so brilliant!

I went for a bit of a mod look, I don't know if it was intentional, but I've been trying to find a way to wear this cute jumper I got from Collectif for months now. It's too short for me to wear with trousers, so I had to wear it with a skirt, and although it would normally be worn with a pencil, I think it looks really cute with the mini skirt! 

The top is the Freddie knitted top, I'm wearing the size 22 which is snug, but not ridiculously so, you can't really see the details but it has a sweet collar and button neck detail and the fine knit is perforated. It reminds me of the jumpers my nanna used to wear! The skirt is a Simply Be one that I blogged here

As you can see, my hair is really growing out now and is an interesting shade of pink as the red keeps washing out, my hair just can't seem to hold it! I'm not sure if I'm going to have the patience to keep growing my hair but I really want to try and get to a chin length bob! 

Michael and I got to spend some quality time together which is a rarity and we took my dad who had a fantastic time! 

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Style: Simply Be - Style Your Partner Challenge

Hello! So Simply Be asked Michael and I to take part in the 'Style Your Partner' Challenge. Always ready to take on a challenge we jumped at the chance. 

Micheal had to go over to Polyvore and choose an outfit for me (which you can see here), which was then sent out and we did a little photo shoot at home with Michael helping with my make up, hair and accessories, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

So first up we made a little video explaining a bit more about it...

Michael helped choose my makeup and hairstyle and when I say choose, I mean looked lost whilst I wafted various brushes and eyeshadows under his nose. We then picked out some jewellery and got some pictures of his creation... 

So what do we think? Did he do well? Michael chose this fab metallic shell top and PU trousers, I think he chose some tight fitting ones on the polyvore set but these jogger style ones turned up, so I think he was a little disappointed at not getting my ass in skin tight trousers but these worked equally as well! 

Michael accessorised with these fan earrings and chose a green metallic pallet for my eyes to match the top.

He went for a contrasting deep blue sequin bag and gorgeous gold panel shoes.

I think over all Michael did a really good job, I personally would have gone for a softer fabric in the trouser to act as a contrast as I think the PU against the metallic is maybe a little full on, but other than that I don't hate it! 

Well done Barnesy!

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Style: Work wardrobe of sorts...

So my work is probably a little different to most peoples. As a freelance writer, lets be honest, my actual day-to-day work wardrobe is mainly pyjamas. I work from home so you're lucky if I'm dressed by noon! I know, sloth extraordinaire over here, well I have no shame, so there you go.

On the odd occasion I do have to travel for work, I like to keep things casual. This Sunday I had my SLiNK hat on, where I got the absolute pleasure of assisting on a shoot and then conducting an interview with the one and only Tess Munster. So when I say work, what I actually mean is, have an awesome time.  

It's a hard life...

I wore: Check Print Top - Simply Be// Jersey Maxi Cardigan - ASOS// Jeans - JUNAROSE// Chelsea Boots - Clarks// Fur Collar - eBay// Necklace (sold out) - New Look 

I love this top from Simply Be, I ordered it this week and decided to size up to a 24 and I'm glad I did, it gives it a smock feel which is so cute. The material is a thin poly/cotton kind of mix, it's very lightweight which is great as it can be worn all year round. I added my longline jersey cardigan from ASOS, my favourite JUNAROSE jeans and Clarks boots. I've also fallen in love with the fur collar you can see on the first pic, I picked it up from eBay and I can't stop wearing it, it just changes the look of all my coats and jackets which is awesome!

Now you've seen me doing my stock teapot pose, may I direct your attentions to a proper model. Ladies and gents I give you, the divine, Miss Tess Munster...

A quick touch up...

This girl climbs for the love of fashion...



After the shoot we headed to All Star Lanes which was just across from the studios, I can heartily recommend the buttermilk fried chicken, it was awesome.

Come to mamma...

Sadly I've been bit poorly and had all but lost my voice, which is only just coming back now, so the lovely Elena stepped in and used my notes to interview Tess, whilst I sat there looking like a nodding buffoon. I managed to squeak a few questions out myself with Rivkie as my interpreter! Haha! I was so gutted I couldn't converse properly with Tess, she came across as such an awesome woman, who despite adversity has carved an amazing career out for herself. I just know the shots are going to be amazing, and I hope I can do her justice in the article! Keep your eye out for it when the new issue of SLiNK comes out.

My darling Elena who saved the day <3

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Style: British Plus Size Awards

This weekend I headed to London for the 2nd British Plus Size Awards. The awards recognise the achievements of brands, celebrities, organisations and bloggers in the industry. I was honoured to be nominated again this year in the Best Blogger category. 

The event was held at the Radisson Blu Portman hotel and was hosted by handsome, cheeky welsh chappy Matt Johnson, who I have to say was hilarious. He took the time to have a chat with us outside where we shared a very special moment regarding our love of abandoned theme parks/theatres/buildings and I think it's safe to say, he was probably ready to whisk me up to his room and ravage me after that... Seriously though the guy is so handsome I couldn't stop staring at him. 

I was very kindly sent this beautiful green ASOS dress for the event. I remember last year I was so desperate for a green dress but couldn't find one, so when ASOS said they'd like to dress me, I knew exactly which dress I wanted, this tie front green maxi from Curve is my dream dress. I teamed it with the New Look watermelon bag that I bought from the lovely Lolly, and holographic accessories which I commissioned from the fabulous Black Heart Creatives.
Amazingness from BHC <3

I was lucky enough to share an apartment with the most gorgeous of babes Kate and Elena, and completely, unintentionally, we all ended up wearing green dresses in varying shades to go with our varying shadse of read hair. 

My most favourite babes <3

As the night got underway there was some wonderful food, entertainment and of course, the awards. Sadly I didn't pick up the award for Best Blogger, but my favourite uber babe Betty Pamper did take home the gong and it was massively deserved! 

Not all was lost, I quite unexpectedly got to pick up the award for Best Fashion Event! As the founder of Plus North, I am massively proud of the event and the joy it's brought to peoples lives, and to finally get the recognition myself, Toni and every team member who has worked on the events over the years, it really does mean the world to us, so thank you! 

As well as picking up an award, I also got to hang out with lots of my favourite folk! 

Myself, Hannah and Chantelle from Curvy Kate.  
It's me and the boss ;) 

And finally, I have to say a massive thank you to Panache Lingerie who made my attendance possible. They very kindly invited Elena and I along as their guests for the evening and yet again, my under garments (The Black Pure set from Sculptresse) were amazing comfortable and supportive. Every girl needs a decent foundation under a posh frock! 

Thank you again Jennie and Richard, we had a blast! 

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** My attendance at the event was courtesy of Panache Lingerie, as was the underwear they sent me. My dress was very kindly sent to me for the event from ASOS. I know right? Amazing**