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In a complete contrast to my last Scarlett and Jo post, and you'll probably agree, leaning a bit more towards my style, I've got some gorgeous separates to show you. 

I'm wearing the blue PU trim tunic and the PU leggings which I don't think are available yet (jacket, shoes and handbag are mine). First of all, can we just talk about this colour? How stunning is it? It just makes everything else pop, my eyes, hair, love love love it!  

The PU trim and crochet detailing to the neck line is so gorgeous, the contrast of the floral with PU is so good. The tunic is fitted, although I'm in a size 24 so it's a bit looser. I'd recommend sticking to your own size though. It has 3/4 length sleeves and is that heavy crepe jersey that Scarlett and Jo do so well. 

With the PU leggings I'd suggest sizing up if you are large of thigh like me. These are the 22 and I could barely get them on, once they are on though, they do look rather banging. And I'll apologise now for the excessive photo's but I'm a little bit in love with the outfit. 

The tunic sits mid thigh on me (5'7") so if you're a bit shorter I definitely think you could wear this as a dress. I think I'll stick to leggings though! This would look really cute as a day time outfit, just swap the PU leggings for regular jersey ones, add some chunky boots and a big fluffy cardigan or a biker jacket. 

The tunic is also available in red, how stunning would that be for Christmas day?  

Gorgeous detailing.

This and a few other pieces in the range are on offer at the moment, head to the Evans website to view the whole range. 

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  1. I love the leggings - have been debating some for a while now but I'm worried my thunder thighs will be more of a cyclone in them. Cause I have abnormally long legs, I find tunics hard to pull off unless I'm willing to do the whole 60's mini skirt thing but this looks amazing on you!

    C xx


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