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*Pops head up from piles of uni books and waves* Hello! I'm taking a brief break from the most ridiculous amount of uni work to say hi and talk about one of my favourite subjects: jeans. Fashion World sent over these high waisted skinny jeans from the Claire Richards range for me to try. We all know I love a good pair of jeans, but the high waisted variety have been somewhat elusive. 

These jeans are a really firm but stretchy demin, they are a great skinny fit and true to size (I'm wearing the 22). Sadly, for long torso Beebs, they are not high waisted, so the search continues, but for now, at least I have an awesome pair of skinny jeans for when I don't want to wear my good old ripped variety. 

I love the deep blue colour of these jeans with the washed out effect to the front, they have a really nice lattice feature on the waistband which, if you were wearing them high waisted would look really cute.

Not high waisted :(

I took these pics over a week ago now before the really cold weather set in, still hanging onto an autumnal vibe I mixed my berry toned bag and top against the blues of my kimono and jeans. It's a colour combo I wouldn't normally wear, but I really loved it. 

This is the kind of outfit I wear the most to be honest, and on this day we were popping into town to do some shopping and grab some lunch, it's just a really easy to wear, casual yet put together look.

Right, back to assignments for me... Wish me luck! 

**These jeans were sent to me for review on the blog.  All words and opinions are my own**

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  1. Hi Becky, Have you tried any Dorothy Perkins jeans/jeggings? They go to a 22 & are nearly always on some sorta offer, I have several pairs from there & think they are a great staple but will say the length can vary massively! (which can be bloody annoying!) but I am only 5.2" and never wear heels so turn ups often feature in my wardrobe! x

    1. I've got a couple of pairs of the eden jeggings, love them! You're right on the length though! lol xx

  2. I'm been searching for really high waisted, darkest of dark washed, multi-button jeans..I'll find them eventually, here's hoping they actually look as good on me as my head thinks they will!

    I'm just loving the red hair on you!


  3. I"m having real trouble searching for high waisted jeans - at 5ft10 I struggle with length in general. I wear Next's long length jeans but even those don't sit high enough on my waist - sigh!

    Loving the hair colour :)

    C x x

    1. Have you tried Long Tall Sally? kinda expensive but good quality stuffs!


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