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Thought I'd pop this outfit of the day up. I had a crappy morning having to go for blood tests and was feeling a bit blue, I had to take Pops to a christmas party so I thought what better reason to crack out a bit of bling and cheer myself up!

I blogged about this furry collar a few weeks back (you can pick them up from eBay for around £10), and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's so versatile and has given some coats I'd started to tire of a new lease of life! This is an old jacket from So Fabulous. I'm wearing it with this fab metallic t-shirt from Simply Be, JUNAROSE jeans and these cute leopard print shoes I picked up from Simply Be too. 

The shoes are an E fit and really generous, they also come in a EEE which is perfect if you have wide feet. They have a little block heel on and are seriously comfortable. I have walked around town, even travelled down to London in them and negotiated the tube wearing them. They are just so great. 

I hope, if you celebrate Christmas, the prep isn't stressing you out too much and that you're looking forward to the day itself. We're going to my folks for a relaxing day full of food and booze! I should be popping a few more posts up in the mean time, but if I don't, I hope you all have fabulous festive frolics!  

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  1. I'm in love with that jacket!!

    -Marie x

  2. I love this outfit! That jacket is awesome girly!

  3. Fabulous outfit. I'm waiting for a white one of those faux fur things to come. xx


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