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So my work is probably a little different to most peoples. As a freelance writer, lets be honest, my actual day-to-day work wardrobe is mainly pyjamas. I work from home so you're lucky if I'm dressed by noon! I know, sloth extraordinaire over here, well I have no shame, so there you go.

On the odd occasion I do have to travel for work, I like to keep things casual. This Sunday I had my SLiNK hat on, where I got the absolute pleasure of assisting on a shoot and then conducting an interview with the one and only Tess Munster. So when I say work, what I actually mean is, have an awesome time.  

It's a hard life...

I wore: Check Print Top - Simply Be// Jersey Maxi Cardigan - ASOS// Jeans - JUNAROSE// Chelsea Boots - Clarks// Fur Collar - eBay// Necklace (sold out) - New Look 

I love this top from Simply Be, I ordered it this week and decided to size up to a 24 and I'm glad I did, it gives it a smock feel which is so cute. The material is a thin poly/cotton kind of mix, it's very lightweight which is great as it can be worn all year round. I added my longline jersey cardigan from ASOS, my favourite JUNAROSE jeans and Clarks boots. I've also fallen in love with the fur collar you can see on the first pic, I picked it up from eBay and I can't stop wearing it, it just changes the look of all my coats and jackets which is awesome!

Now you've seen me doing my stock teapot pose, may I direct your attentions to a proper model. Ladies and gents I give you, the divine, Miss Tess Munster...

A quick touch up...

This girl climbs for the love of fashion...



After the shoot we headed to All Star Lanes which was just across from the studios, I can heartily recommend the buttermilk fried chicken, it was awesome.

Come to mamma...

Sadly I've been bit poorly and had all but lost my voice, which is only just coming back now, so the lovely Elena stepped in and used my notes to interview Tess, whilst I sat there looking like a nodding buffoon. I managed to squeak a few questions out myself with Rivkie as my interpreter! Haha! I was so gutted I couldn't converse properly with Tess, she came across as such an awesome woman, who despite adversity has carved an amazing career out for herself. I just know the shots are going to be amazing, and I hope I can do her justice in the article! Keep your eye out for it when the new issue of SLiNK comes out.

My darling Elena who saved the day <3

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  1. I LOVE your outfit! That cardi has gone straight on my ASOS watchlist now! I've only met Tess briefly and she was wonderfully nice & so beautiful!! Hope you're voice has returned!

  2. That fur collar is to die for, i am in love with them and recently made one out of faux fur. I love the whole look, {that necklace is insanely cool!} I want that chicken and damn, that would have been so cool to be there for that shoot & interview Tess! {even though it was through interpreters ;) }



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