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Hello! So Simply Be asked Michael and I to take part in the 'Style Your Partner' Challenge. Always ready to take on a challenge we jumped at the chance. 

Micheal had to go over to Polyvore and choose an outfit for me (which you can see here), which was then sent out and we did a little photo shoot at home with Michael helping with my make up, hair and accessories, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

So first up we made a little video explaining a bit more about it...

Michael helped choose my makeup and hairstyle and when I say choose, I mean looked lost whilst I wafted various brushes and eyeshadows under his nose. We then picked out some jewellery and got some pictures of his creation... 

So what do we think? Did he do well? Michael chose this fab metallic shell top and PU trousers, I think he chose some tight fitting ones on the polyvore set but these jogger style ones turned up, so I think he was a little disappointed at not getting my ass in skin tight trousers but these worked equally as well! 

Michael accessorised with these fan earrings and chose a green metallic pallet for my eyes to match the top.

He went for a contrasting deep blue sequin bag and gorgeous gold panel shoes.

I think over all Michael did a really good job, I personally would have gone for a softer fabric in the trouser to act as a contrast as I think the PU against the metallic is maybe a little full on, but other than that I don't hate it! 

Well done Barnesy!

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. Ooh he did well-the trousers are rather nice. If I'm out shopping my husband he seems to only suggest the patterns and colours his mum wears so id never have done the challenge you two did. X

  2. nice work ... 'ginger fisherman' haha!! also love your little vlogs! :D

  3. He did very well!! I agree, a softer fabric in the pants would have been a nice contrast to the metallic top, but I think he chose some strong pieces and I love the earrings he chose as well!!

    It was awesome hearing your voice!



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