Style: Fiorelli 'Robyn' Tote - Video.


Hello! So after a few hideously stressful days on a uni deadline, I got five minutes to check your comments and the lovely eagle-eyed Victoria was wondering if I could do a review of the tote bag that's always popping up in my posts. 

Yes, I'm very fond of the bag...

So when I got in from uni today I just did a quick video, to show you round the bag, give you an idea of what you can fit in it, etc... As mentioned on the vid, I bought mine from House of Fraser, but you can get it direct from the Fiorelli website too.   

BAHAHA look at my face!

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  1. Great video and love the bag! Pray tell though, where is it on sale for £26.00??! I've checked all the places you mentioned in the video and it's £65.00 at all of them :-) x

    1. It was on their website but appears they've sold out. The link I've put at the top of the post takes you to ASOS where it's a bit cheaper! (£39.00) X

    2. Oooh thanks! I really shouldn't.... ;-)

  2. Thank you. Exactly what I was hoping for :-)


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