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Today I'm talking jewellery. I own a LOT of jewellery, in fact I have a large "armoire" (which is basically a big posh cupboard concealed behind a full length mirror for jewellery storage) dedicated to all my jewellery. Even that is getting a little full now. Regardless of this, it has been on my to-do list for an age to commission something from Black Heart Creatives

If you've never commissioned jewellery before (I hadn't) I cannot recommend the team at BHC enough. I knew I wanted something Art Deco style, so I looked up some pictures on google for inspiration. I drew this VERY rough sketch and sent it via email to see if it was possible. 

Charlotte emailed me back to let me know this was okay and quoted me a price. The price quoted for my pieces was £35. Luckily they were running a discount at the time so it came in just over £26 which for a hand crafted, unique piece of jewellery is pretty damn awesome. 

I knew I wanted tortoise shell and mustard so I marked that off on the drawing. Charlotte then put a computer generated draft image up on the website for me to approve and pay for. I ordered mine on the 19th September and it was with me by the 26th. How amazing is that? And how amazing did it turn out?

Oh. My. God. I am so mega pleased with how it turned out, it's so beautiful. The pieces have been cut from coloured perspex and backed onto a clear perspex for stability. I requested the chunky gold chain and I love where it sits on my chest. The beauty of having something made specifically for you means you can choose the chain length to suit your neck/wrist size. 

If you're looking for something special and unique then I'd seriously get over to Black Heart Creatives. They also have an amazing range of jewellery designs for you to pick if you don't fancy designing something yourself. 

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  1. That's a beaut! I didn't even know they had tortoiseshell acrylic. xx

  2. Its fab, and like Leah l didn't realise they did totoiseshell, it's my favourite x

  3. Love this! Great design too :) I love having a piece of jewellery that you know that nobody else has.


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