Curly Sue!


Now and then I get requests to do little videos about my hair or make up for example. Last week a lady on my instagram asked if I could do a tutorial type thing on how to curl short hair. So this morning that's what I did! Hope you enjoy!

If you have any requests, even if its "stop making these hideous videos" then please do let me know below or on youtube! 

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  1. Fab video! I just watched it on my way home from play group pushing Bert in the buggy one handed. And I have long hair! X

  2. I just bought a curling iron, based entirely on your video :-) Thx for the short-hair tips, keep 'em coming!

  3. I love this. My hair isn't as long on top as yours but I might buy a cheap set of curling tongs and give it a go anyway.

  4. Friggin love it. I have wanted to know how you do this for ages but felt to girl crushie to ask.
    Ps your voice is awesome. I sound like an 11yr old boy on my vids.


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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