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Yesterday, myself and Michael headed off to Yorkshire for an overnight stay at the most beautiful hotel, which I'll tell you all about this week. In the mean time I just wanted to pop a little outfit post up.  

This dress has a bit of a story... Last year for about a period of two months, every time I did my weekly shop in Sainsbury's, I would pick up this dress and umm and ahh about it, but for some reason, I just never bought it. Then my gorgeous Elena bought it and looked beautiful in it and I had massive buyers regret. By this point it had sold out. Gutted. Then a few weeks ago, I'm not even sure how we got talking about it on twitter but Gina said she had it but wasn't really getting any wear out if it, so really kindly offered to send it to me. (Than you again Gina!)

It's so pretty, it's simple and has a vintage feel about it. We had afternoon tea at the hotel, so I felt really pretty and girly (well as girly as I'll ever feel without getting out of my comfort zone). It is a 22 and fits so well, so although obviously you can't buy this particular dress, but it's good to now that Sainsbury's 22 is true to size. I'm just sad I didn't buy it at the time so I could have enjoyed it a year longer!  

I'm not even going to apologise for the excessive sitting down shots. It was such a beautiful setting and I felt all pretty in my dress, so I didn't have the heart to cut any pictures out! 

Also I'm still so in love with these boots from Clarks too, they are so, so comfortable and versatile, I've worn them with so many different outfits, they're my new love! They're a D fit, but the leather is so soft and I think they're quite generous width wise, so worth trying if you're looking for some cute chelsea boots. 

As you can see, the fresh country air, calm surroundings and wonderful scenery was agreeing with me and I felt the stress melting away the minute we stepped out of the car. I wish we could have stayed longer! Maybe another time! 

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  1. Is it Ox Pasture Hall?? Liam & I are heading there weekend after next for a review! We can't wait! Xxx

    1. Yeh it is! I think they've invited the world and it's wife to review, but it really is so stunning, you'll love it x x x

  2. Love the dress. Gary gutted I can't buy it. You look fab. xx

  3. I'm loving your denim jacket too! Where's it from?


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