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Not yet willing to give up on my bra quest I found myself perusing the Panache website when I stumbled upon the Chichi set in the Sculptresse range. I went a bit gaga over it on twitter and the next day the gorgeous Jennie from Panache offered to very kindly send me it (I know, I'm a very lucky girl).

Arghhhh it's amazing, like super sexy, flirty gorgeousness. The Scupltresse range goes from a 14-26 in briefs and up to a HH cup in the bras. I'm wearing the 40E bra and size 22 knickers. I find Panache bras a little smaller fitting in the band in comparison to other brands so I tend to go up a band size and down a cup size. 

The lace on the cup is stretchy so it is nice and soft against the skin, the briefs although high waist, aren't that high on me, but I have a ridiculously long body, so I'm sure they'll be fine on those of you with average sized torso's. 

Bewbs <3

Great fit and shape. 

Was trying to be arty! LOL

The AW14 Sculptresse collection is just stunning with a real retro, pin up vibe, there's polkadots, pretty lace and leopard print. You can see the whole range here and the Panache site has a handy guide to Panache stockists as well. 

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  1. Stunning! I'm dubious about moving away fro CK now I find their 38HH appears to fit well, but good to know how the Panache is in fit... x

  2. You sexy minx! You look bloody amazing!

    I used to be a hard core Elomi only fan for bras, but I got a Sculptresses bra in the sale and now am totally in love with them, and this new range is so pretty and retro! I think there's something different about bras that are designed for a fuller figure as well as a fuller bust. The brands seem to own some magical powers to make these bras fit and support in a special way that doesn't happen with the same size bras from regular ranges. xx


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