Plus North: Outfit Two...


I actually had something else planned for my evening outfit (which I'll blog this week) but after modelling this outfit in the day and the wonderful peeps at Simply Be letting us keep our clothes, I decided to wear some of it for the evening. 

Pic courtesy of Kaye 

Gorgeous right? Well me being me I swapped the PU skirt out for some jeans (I know I'm predictable) But the jacket is truly amazing. 

I wore: Cami* - Simply Be// Jacket* - Simply Be// Jeans - JUNAROSE// Shoes - Clarks

For reference, both the cami and jacket are a UK22 and completely true to size

After stopping by the Plus North after party, myself, Rivkie, Elena and Kate headed to a roof top bar for cocktails, it was such a nice (if not chilly night) we wanted to enjoy Leeds!

Me and the gorgeous Kate <3

Had to do a lift selfie. Obvs. 

Twinkly, twinkly Leeds

Me and Rivkie "SLiNK" Baum, my roomy for the weekend!

Despite appearances we had such a good time (it was bloody freezing though!)

Place your bets now on how long I'll manage to keep the jacket white though!!

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

A *  denotes an item given to me by a brand, yes, I'm a lucky gal. 

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  1. That coat is stunning. I must have it but I have no money - do Simply Be accept buttons as currency? xx

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