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After last weeks declaration of bra hate, you'd think lingerie brands would be giving me a wide birth, but the lovely people at Bras&Honey sent me this beautiful set over to try and I'm glad they did.

This beautiful magenta coloured set is the Melissa from Fantasie

Sorry for the gratuitous bum shot but I wanted to show the lovely detail to the back. The briefs only run up to an 18 in this range, but they were a great fit on my size 22 bum, so they're definitely worth a try. The bra itself is a lovely fit. I'm wearing the 40E. It sits really nice and isn't too restrictive.

The bra gives me a nice natural shape and good lift. The fabric is soft and I love the navy detailing and the way it contrasts against the magenta colour. 

This set is so pretty and comfortable. And although I'm still not convinced about wearing a bra all day, but this would be great for a night out or even a night in ;)

Please excuse the super white belly but I still have my holiday tan, which makes my tummy look even more extreme lily white than usual!!

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  1. What a lovely underwear set! I love the colour so much you love amazing x

    1. Thank you, always a bit scary to get the gaps out on the blog! X

  2. Gorgeous set! I'm heading there right now x

  3. Beautiful set. Wish it came in my size! *pouts*

  4. Love Fantacie bras they always fit so well and this set looks lovely and such a good fit on you. Shame they dont do pants larger.


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