OOTD: Grunge regression...


I can't even pretend I was cool enough to be into grunge the first time round. I was and will always be a major pop tart. I'm a Take Thatter for life and in the years to follow, Steps filled the void left by the devastation of their break up. I did however kind of dip into the whole checked shirt, ripped jeans vibe. So it's 20 years later and there's nothing like a 90s trends coming back round to make a 30-something gal feel terribly old. So I figured,  if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Channeling my inner 90s kid I rocked a checked shirt today, although I fear I look more like I should be hanging around with Richie Sambora rather than Kurt Kobain. But sod it, I liked it!

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. I was majorly in to TLC and SWV so I rocked the jeans with crop top and checked shirt and hoop earrings. I thought I looked AMAZING in the 90s.

    Needless to say there is no photo evidence of this...luckily.

    You look great in this though x

    1. Haha amazing! Shame there's no evidence though!! LOL x x

  2. Love this outfit. You look amazing!! xx

  3. Back in the 90's I fancied myself as a Riot Grrrl so there were a lot of dresses and boots going on, sometimes with a checked shirt or tweed jacket! How bitchin was I?
    Love that shirt and the look

    1. Haha you sound way cooler than me, trust me! LOL x x

  4. Nice! grundge was cool then and now, I do still love it, and I love the fashion thats coming back with it, even though it's kind of silly. But I do remember the tragic Take That break up! my god! that was a crazy time. :) you look great! :)



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