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This is an incredibly uninspiring outfit, so please, if you could disregard the outfit as a whole I'd appreciate it! Ha! What I really wanted to talk about is the trousers. I ordered these Pink Clove trousers the other day, they're a simple pair of black jersey peg legs but they're one of those wardrobe essentials in my opinion. Priced at just £18 too I think they're a mega bargain.

I'm a big fan of these highwaisted, tapered leg trousers and have a few in varying prints but you really can't beat a black pair for versatile wardrobe options. I've had ones in the past where the knees bag within half an hour, but I'm glad to report these lasted two full days before going a bit saggy and I'm sure they'll ping straight back into shape after a wash! 

For summer I find them perfect for wearing with vest tops and t-shirts, come the Autumn I'll be teaming them with cute woolly jumpers and brogues. The key to wearing them is keeping the top half quite streamlined and tucked into the trouser. By all means though, go crazy with the print or colour. 

Todays look, unintentionally, ended up a little bit Desperately Seeking Susan. But with such a plain ensemble it was inevitable I was going to lay the old accessories on a bit thick!

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  1. Oh thanks for sharing this hon I've been thinking of getting plain back peg legs and now I don't have to trawl the web searching for them. They look so comfortable I've been living in harem pants this summer but they're all patterned :) xx

  2. Oh I shall have to look at these as I am after a pair, what a fab price.

    Lovely do come link up to #fashionfridayplussized with this post, there is just over a day left and a £50 prize up for grabs xxx


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