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Fashion and food are just about my two favourite things. So when they come together I get very excited. Store cupboard favourite Ryvita are going through some bright and bold changes and to celebrate, they've collaborated with internationally acclaimed fashion designer Ben de Lisi who has created a limited edition Ryvita storage tin*. 

I'm an absolute sucker for limited edition homewares and this fresh funky tin is right up my street, the bold, geometric pattern has a modern feel about it. 

Ryvita will have been around for a staggering 90 years next year. All their products are made in Devon with British ingredients and are free from chemicals and additives. My personal favourite is the pumpkin seed and oats variety. I'm a little bit old school when it comes to toppings, I still favour the classic cottage cheese, but with my new found love of avocado, I'm thinking maybe a nice chilli chicken and avocado combo?

As someone who's body seems to reject bread, Ryvita's fresh crunchy texture seems to sit better with me and I find them a great alternative to the boring old soggy sandwich at lunch time. We were also sent one of the sweet varieties which Poppy is making her way through rather rapidly. If I can get my hands on them I will let you know what the verdict is!

Have you got a favourite topping, can you inspire me to move away from the traditional cottage cheese?

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*denotes an item sent to me to feature on the blog. All opinions and words, however, are mine. I wrote them I did and everything ;)

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  1. I love soft goats cheese with orange slice and roast beetroot. Sooooo good. Especially with the seedy ones xx

  2. I am a hard core revitalised fan - a lunch staple for all our department! We also stick to cream cheese but I love the touch of chilli or cracked black pepper crackers for a kick! I'm in need of a wee tin to keep them in tho ;)

    1. Oh yeh I actually love white pepper it's a bit more tangy than black! Yum!


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