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I have a confession to make. I hate bras. Like really, really hate them. Despite being fitted professionally, even to the point where we have discussed breast shape and position, I just can't find a bra that I can wear more than an hour before I want to cry. I try them on, they feel great. They pass all the band and strap tests. The central gore sits well, the cups fit well, but still after a while it has rolled up, the side wires are digging in me and I want to cry. 

Crop top wearing - no fucks given

So desperate has my situation become, I've taken to wearing crop tops. Those soft squishy vests you see on informercials. They do nothing for my bust, but for what I lack in lift I gain in well being. I no longer want to rip my skin off and cry. 

Thing is I've never cared about having massive boobs, pushed up to my chin. Great boobage isn't high on my agenda, but being comfortable is. 

When I saw a newspaper article on a new wireless bra M&S had released, I thought I would give the bra-life one last go. I ordered it from the website and had it delivered to my local store which is a five minute walk away. The process was easy and I was kept informed by text of my booby holders journey and arrival. 

I have really low and wide set boobs. My left boob is significantly bigger than the right, so I don't know if that's some of my problem. This is the M&S padded non-wire bra made specifically for DD-G sizes. 

On first try I found the band really tight. I take a 40E, and this fits more like a 38, but I figured with wear it will stretch a bit. I was massively impressed by the lift and shape the bra gave me. The moulding really works which is great. Aesthetically I love the bra it's really pretty and in practical black. 

After about half an hours wear I found the lace section around the band started to roll up, something that I find with all bras I wear unfortunately. That said, it was still relatively comfortable. More comfortable that a regular underwired bra, but after about 6 hours I was more than ready to remove it! 

I really wanted to find my forever bra, and this is pretty close, but I'm not sure I could wear it everyday. For now I think I'm going to stick to my crop tops, but this is definitely my going out fab boob bra. 

Wonky boobs

My overall verdict of this bra is that it's a vast improvement on my previous attempts at bra wearing and I will definitely be keeping it for those days when I need a big boobed lift. 

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  1. That looks really pretty, I might have to invest! I stopped wearing underwired bras when I was pregnant in 2012 and I've never quite got back into wearing them! I'm all for comfort and its hard enough finding ones that fit well (wide shoulders/back and kind of average cup size) so I'm happy to stick with my Evans non wired ones! And then roll on teatime when its acceptable to take the bra off and put my pjs on!

  2. I have very low and wide set boobs too, and one is larger than the other, so yay boob twins! I have a run of the mill non wired thing from triumph that I use for clothes that absolutely need a bra, but otherwise it's those crop tops for me too! I feel your pain (literally!)

  3. Soft bustiers are the best, I just can't do the underwire bra thing most of the time. I will only do it for the evening if a dress will need more impressive cleavage. I really like the Marylin Monroe bustiers they sometimes have at TK Maxx, but I only have a B/C (thank you boobs for being so individualistic) so that still works for me.

  4. Crop tops for me here. I've never been properly measured and online calculators all give different results and when it's £6 for a single crop top vs £12+ for a single bra, well it's no contest. All I want is for them to be comfy and keep my boobs reasonably still and they do that job quite nicely. Particularly comfort, I can wear them all day with absolutely no issues :)

  5. I have very wide set boobs and it does my head in. The most comfortable bras I've found are Goddess ones, but they do nothing for my cleavage at all. It seems to have a decent builders bum cleavage I need to wear a bra so tight I have to breathe through my ears. Last summer I got totally hacked off and wore a soft crop top bra from Yours but I prefer the look of my boobs up top rather than playing keepy-up with them. Alas, the search goes on for a truly wondrous bra.

    P.S. That makes your norks look great. x x

  6. He he, wonky boobs! I'm larger on my left side too, pretty much a cup bigger which makes for a huge pain. But, I still LOVE bras! It's exciting finding bras that fit and even that don't, because G+ bra shopping is a special kinda thing. A lot of brands don't 'get' big boobs, and M&S are pretty pants on that front. Having said all that, I totally get why you'd be attracted to the softie bras. I've not actually tried one but can see the appeal. Underwires are great at doing their thing but must agree, wireless is still comfier.

    Becky x


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