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Oooh that was a bit pun-tastic wasn't it?! Anyway, there seems to be lots of sales around which would be the case when I have no pennies at all, but I did manage to snap this beauty up from the Evans sale last week when I was a bit more flush! I first saw this on Em who runs the blog Terrible Tumbles, I don't think she's blogged it, but she looked banging in it on her instagram! 

Cute right? When I went to pick it up from my local store (thank you as always for the fab service Evans Grimsby) I was expecting a heavy parcel. When I was handed this small, lightweight package I was confused so I took it out the packaging in the shop so I could try it on. I unpacked a light, thin cotton jacket and I was actually really pleased, the fact its really thin makes it more versatile and can be worn throughout the summer too. So hurrah! 

This is the kind of outfit, had I still worked in a office, that I would try and champion. I know in London work places people have been dressing less tailored for a long time, but it's only in this past year or two have I seen that filtering down to smaller towns like where I live. It's nice because there is more than one way to look smart, and it doesn't have to involve restrictive pencil skirts and uncomfortable blouses.

What I wore: Jacket - Evans (Sold out)// Cami - Dorothy Perkins// Jersey trousers - ASOS Curve (similar) // Sandals - Crocs 

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  1. I love this! Spent to long deliberating then it had sold out! I love the bright trim, lovely outfit x

  2. I had that jacket in my basket and took it out. D'oh! It looks fab on you. x x

  3. Right, I just have one thing to say.... STOP LOOKING SO BLOODY AMAZING!!!! Lol! I want everything in your wardrobe, and I want to look this good.... Heehee xxxx

  4. Love it! I need to get some more of these trousers too - so bloody comfortable xx

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  5. You are the queen of casual chic, this jacket is fabulous! And your style has encouraged me to look out more for jackets and I already picked one up in the H&M sales.

  6. Wat an gorgeous outfit! That jacket is amazing :-)


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