Power dressing...


Another jumpsuit, I know. I'm sorry. It's totally worth it though I promise!

I've got some lovely pieces to show you from JUNAROSE this month and I'm sad to say it will be my last month. It's been a truly wonderful year as a JUNAROSE ambassador, but my contract is up and it's time for all of us to step down and give a whole new batch of bloggers a chance to experience what we have. I can honestly say I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunity. I'm sure I'll blog some of their pieces from time to time anyway as I'll continue to be a loyal customer, but,  anyway lets move onto the fashion before I get all dewy eyed...

I'm calling this my 80s power bitch look, big hair, gold jewellery, jumpsuit wearing gloriousness. The strap jumpsuit is really thin and lightweight, and boy was I glad of it on Saturday night, it was scorching here, and the loose fit was very welcome. The pretty delicate beading to the neckline is very sweet too. 

I was heading out to see my friends band, so I teamed it with flats so I could boogy and swept my hair back so I didn't get too hot and bothered. 

As mentioned, I've got some other gorgeous JUNAROSE pieces to show you this month, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 
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  1. I have to confess to being your wardrobe stalker! (Don't worry, I'm not hiding in there, just copying your style.) You turned on to the joy of kimonos, you persuaded me to buy my first bikini since I was a teenager and today I bought my first ever jumpsuit. I love it so much I'm wearing it on a girls' night out this weekend. I'm wearing fashion choices that are more fun and edgy than I've ever worn, and loving it! Xx

    1. Hey Ali! Thank you, you babe! The whole point of the blog is to encourage people to have fun with fashion and start enjoying it, so I'm am MEGA chuffed you are <3

  2. I LOVE it, especially with those shoes!!



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