Pink, to make the boys wink...


Yes I'm jumpsuiting again, no I can't help myself and contrary to the title of this post it's not pink! (Thank goodness). No the jumpsuit in question is from prime purveyor of affordable plus size clothes Pink Clove.   

Navy is a colour I've never really got in to. My school trousers were navy, and there, my friends, may lie the root of the problem. I am glad to report though that navy is growing on me, so when I was asked to choose something from the Pink Clove site, I thought I'd have a crack at something navy! And I'm glad I did! I know for some, the plus size jumpsuit is a bit of a scary prospect, but I heartily recommend trying one out! Start with a soft jersey one like this, and see how you go. 

I went for my usual size 22. I'd say it was true to size. I carry my weight (well everywhere, but more so) on my bottom half so it's a bit ass-tastic, but I'm loving it. I think it's snugness writes it off as a day piece for me, I'm just not personally comfortable bringing that much sexiness to the day time, but hell yeh am I'm going to rock this on a night out! If you do prefer a looser fit and am a bit bottom heavy like me I'd recommend sizing up. But if you're happy flaunting your booootayyyy then by all means, go forth and rock it.

I don't think I'll ever stop loving jumpsuits, I just feel so god damn 80s powerhouse-y in them, like Joan Collins in Dynasty and if that's wrong, well I don't want to be right! 

Look I even cracked a proper smile, I must be chuffed! 

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  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I freakin' love your style! Great choice, I love jumpsuits but I'm not sure my shape is right, plus can't try at the moment due to spending ban.... Lol! Well done again Pink Clove and carry on looking amazing Mrs BeBe xxx

    1. Thanks my love! Definitely worth a try when you're spending ban is up. Try different shapes and styles to find one that suits you :) x x

  2. great outfit! that necklace especially just adds such a cute pop of color!

    1. It's a great necklace isn't it? One of my faves!

  3. cute jumpsuit & cuter shoes!! This is an easy breezy, posh look, I'm loving it!



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