Mrs BeBe turns three!


Well, not me, but the blog (although some would argue my mental age is around three). It's been a wonderful three years filled the most amazing opportunities and has far surpassed any visions I originally had for it.

My very first outfit post I which I say "I guess some people would frown upon a fatty wearing a jumpsuit,
but throughout my varying sizes I've always been of the opinion, you're fat not matter what you wear,
so wear what you like!"  Some things never change huh?

I've been able to travel, meet some of my idols (I'm looking at you Caryn Franklin) and wear the most amazing clothes, indulging fully in one of my longest standing passions. 

For as long as I can remember I would raid my wardrobe, style outfits and do catwalk shows for my mum. Sunday night was all about watching the Clothes Show and while some girls would scream and swoon at pop stars, my friend and I nearly fainted once because we saw Wayne Hemingway.

Moody northern fashion geek.

Unlike last year I haven't organised a big giveaway, mainly because I've been so busy with the shop and work and uni and the family I simply just forgot. So there's no big fanfares this year. Just a huge, genuine, heartfelt, big snuggly THANK YOU from me. I would not have gotten this far without you guys taking the time to read and comment and email and tweet me like you do. I love and appreciate every single message I receive and am truly grateful for the opportunities my little corner of the internet brings me.  

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Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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