I'm still here...


I haven't blogged for four days, which for me feels like an age! I'm still here, but it's the summer holidays so I've been out and about with the babba every day doing varying fun things! I thought I'd share some of my fave bits from the week! 

Tuesday was a major fat babe day, I rocked a crop top and bikini pants at the paddling pool. We splashed and sploshed without a care in the world!

Thursday I picked up these gorgeous shoes from Marks and Spencer for £10.99, amazing huh? Crippling? Probably! 

Friday we headed out for a play date. I just had to share this pic of Pops and I, she is terrible when it comes to posing for pics, usually too busy running around or dancing or looking anywhere but the camera, but I finally got her in all her cuteness. By gosh I love my girl! Being a mum isn't always easy, but she really is my life. So if I do go a bit quiet over the next 5 weeks it's just because me and the baby are having lots of fun! 

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