I'm sorry to be a bore...


I truly am sorry to be a bore, but I feel in light of current news stories around weight loss surgery and diets and the like, that I have to have a little vent, and here is a good a place as anywhere. 

As someone who has done absolutely everything within their power to lose weight, I can honestly say right now, there is no quick fix, there is no easy option and if you truly want to lose weight, east fresh, none processed food, allow yourself some indulgences and exercise regularly and do that for the rest of your life. There is really no other way. Diet plans do not work, they were designed to take your money, because the second you stop doing them, you pile the weight back on and you have to return and hand over even more of your hard earned cash.

I have chosen not to diet, I have chosen not to attempt to lose weight. I have finally found a happy place with my mind and body. I have put to bed many of the demons, guilt, pain and anguish that came with dieting and have decided to live my life by my rules. This doesn't mean I think you should, I would never, ever tell someone not to diet or loose weight, that is their choice but what I do ask is that you do it sensibly, by making life long changes to your food intake and activity levels. 

I had my insides chopped, changed and switched around in the pursuit of skinny. I have subsequently suffered, pain, discomfort and crippling stomach problems that I will now endure for the rest of my life. (You can read about it here) I am still fat, I never got my skinny and quite frankly after going through all of that, I don't want my skinny, you can keep it. I want a life, full of joy and fun and laughter and yes, FOOD. Some might view me as a failure, a glutton or down right lazy. 

Well so be it. I'm not answerable to you and your idea of what is virtuous and right. 

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  1. Amen to that! I find myself worrying too much about the number on my scale which really upsets me. For about half a year now I'm doing Weight Watchers. I've only lost about 5 kg so far and there are times when I'm really angry at myself - for not exercising more, for eating that pizza even though I probably shouldn't... But nevertheless I've noticed a change of my body and more imporantly - I've become much more confident! People still can't see that I've lost those 5 kg but I'm okay with that. I know that I'm living a healthy, happy life. And there's no happy life without the occasional pizza! :) So if the weight loss is going slower, that's fine with me. At least I'm not on some ridiculous diet plan and can still enjoy life :)

    Thanks for the post, it's very inspiring!

    Love from Germany, Lotte

  2. Fuck yes. I want to write an essay, but I won't, except to say I feel ya on this. x x

  3. I know longer weigh myself, the numbers play with your head to much, you have a good week, the scales don't show it, and you go of the rails, well I do anyway and thats the cycle.... I still have a long battle with eating, but slowly day by day I am getting more positive hours than negative ones - love this post, just what I needed to read tonight :)

  4. Well done! My mother in law had a gastric bypass a few years back, and whilst she lost weight, she never got skinny! She's still overweight, still has diabetes and now has the added complications of intermittent problems with sickness and diarrhea.
    Weight loss surgery is not some magical cure and there is a lot of evidence emerging that the majority of people regain their weight within ten years of the operation.
    Life is about living and being happy, and spending it constantly worrying and being depressed over your size is a waste of a life x

  5. Becky you are a true inspiration and my dream is to one day find what you have. That happy place of accepting who you are and embracing it all. At the moment I am not even close to that. Until then I will continue to work on myself. Unfortunately this means trying the healthy eating plans and gym and learning to deprive myself of the things I love. I think when I finally get to where you are my life will be so much less complicated and a lot more enjoyable xx

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