Goodbye scales, hello happiness...


I don't think Cosmo could have found a better title, yep I nicked the title from the Cosmo Body article I featured in. You might remember I blogged about doing a photo shoot for said article, well, the July issue came out today and I could not be more happy with it. I love the pics, I love the story, even though it's mine, you always worry when you're telling it to someone else it won't be interpreted properly, but I'm so majorly chuffed with it. 

For a mainstream brand like Cosmopolitan to feature a story about 3 plus size women in a completely positive uplifting light is just fantastic and I just know it's another sign of a shift in attitude towards weight and health and happiness.  

If you want to read mine, Jen and Lisa's stories about how we ditched the diets and started living our lives, then grab a copy of Cosmo Body. Out now!

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  1. Just like to say you are an inspiration! I have been fat for nearly 17 years now, I too have tried every diet, lately I have been thinking I should just live life and bugger the diets. I sat and read every post of your blog over the last few days and it dawned on me, I look good! I always look in the mirror and see the fat, and get depressed thinking 'I cant wear that, what was I thinking?'... even though I have loads of clothes, some funky, some boho, some everyday, I have out there jewellery, even some made by me clothes and when I looked at myself properly, fat I may be, but I dress GOOD.....thanks for making me see it that way. :)

  2. Great stuff. Will look out for it in the shops. Well done! x


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