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When I was invited along to the Jacques Vert press day I must admit I didn't know an awful lot about the brand. I always associated them with Mother of the Bride outfits and no more. How wrong could I be?

The Jacques Vert group consists of 8 familiar brands that we've all probably heard of. Along Jacques Vert itself, there's Kaliko, Planet, Precis, Minuet, Windsmoor, Eastex and Dash. All of which offer something very different in their style, demographic and size range.

I'm always interested to learn more about ranges of plus size clothing out there, so I was excited to see what they had in store. 

Myself and Rivkie (Editor of SLiNK Magazine) arrived at the beautiful No5 Cavendish Square yesterday afternoon. We were greeted by the Jacques Vert team and shown round all the collections.  The price point across the brands is mid-range, prices range from £25 to £299. The beauty of press days is that you can get up close and personal with the clothing and I can honestly say the price point is completely justified. The quality of fabric, finish and detailing is stunning. 

The clothing is grown up, its trend lead but classic in it's design. They are the kind of pieces you will have in your wardrobe for years to come and will mix in with your high street fast fashion. I was particularly taken with the Jacques Vert brand itself and Windsmoor. I do have somewhat of a coat problem and to be surrounded by so many beautifully designed coats was a treat indeed!

My personal favourite from the Windsmoor collection and I think of the day was this beautiful collarless coat, soft to the touch, the stand out print and simple style just blew me away and as much as I'm huge fan of Summer it really had me wishing for cooler days!

Gorgeous coats from Windsmoor. Check out the vintage Cindy Crawford campaign pics in the background!
I fell in love with this scarf and mustard blouse

Colour and texture...

Windsmoor, Jacques Vert and Precis Petite run from size 10 to 24, the petite range is cut especially for the petite woman and unlike a lot of other brands is fitted on a petite model, not just sized down. The collections are designed to accentuate a woman's figure, the fabrics have movement and a lot have stretch in them, but are beautifully tailored, so they have structure but are still very wearable. 

I was impressed to see a range of styles that I could easily see myself wearing and mixing into my more casual wardrobe, yet I could see my mum wear them in a more formal way. 

I can safely say, I will no longer be writing Jacques Vert off as a Mother of the Bride brand, when I'm on the look out for quality and forever wardrobe pieces I will most definitely be stopping off at my local concession. 

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