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Thought I'd do a quick little outfit post. This a really sweet vintage dress I picked up from a company called Barnet Fair Vintage. I bought this from their eBay page, but I do believe they have a webshop too. 

It's a bit of an 80s does 50s kind of vibe, but I really like it. It's a little bit (ok a LOT) snug on my boobs, but luckily because it's double breasted I can just leave the buttons open. I like that the skirt is full but not too flouncy which makes it more wearable for me. I love the details to the shoulder area and the length is just perfect.

As I always say when blogging vintage, if you're lucky enough to have a vintage shop near you, don't be afraid to try stuff on, I have vintage in my wardrobe from a size 14. Depending on cut and fabric you could be pleasantly surprised. When shopping on line try and ask for measurements and take a chance if you really love it. If it doesn't fit, just sell it on again. 

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  1. This looks super cute on you. Goes well with your eyes


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