She wore a flower in her hair...


I never got to go to a prom. When I left school there wasn't such a thing. We didn't even have a school disco, a mate of mine managed to hire a function room at a local pub and we all chipped in a fiver for the buffet. Glam huh? 

When fast fashion brand Chi Chi contacted me to ask if I'd like to take part in a style challenge with them I was really excited. For starters they've extended the sizing on a couple of items in their range up to a 24 and some up to an 18, which is a great start and hopefully if they do well they might start looking at extending the sizing on a wider range of garments and making more plus size dresses.  

I was asked to choose a dress and then style it up for a special occasion, I wanted to wait until the dress arrived before I decided how I was going to style it and for what occasion exactly. 

When the dress arrived I was blown away with how pretty it was. I mean way prettier and more girly than I would have ever chosen for myself, but I was excited to try something completely out of my comfort zone. 

I decided to go full on with the styling. It's pretty full on dress that deserves to be complimented accordingly.

It really is just so so pretty, and yes the floral crown is utterly ridiculous, but I just loved the pink flowers against the sumptuous jade green of the dress.  

Now onto the practical stuff. The Dolly dress is a size 22, I found it true to size and if you're a little less busty like me, you could probably size down to the 20, as the back has an elasticated panel. The bust area has moulded, padded cups, so I wore this without a bra, there was bags of room for a larger bust than mine, and I felt well supported, but you could easily wear a bra with this too should you feel more comfortable that way. 

The dress is fully lined, then there are 3 petticoat layers on top with the final beautiful dress layer on top. The dress is quite short, I'm 5'7" and it was mid thigh, which I'd usually be mortified about, but for some reason the poofiness of the skirt helped with any modesty issues I had. 

The dress would be perfect for any special occasion, it really is a stunner. 

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  1. This dress is gorgeous and you styled it beautifully <3 xx

  2. Love this colour on you! Such a gorgeous shape dress as well - never heard of this brand though. Xx

  3. OMG where was this dress when I needed it for a wedding? You look stunning hon, the colour is gorgeous on you, the detailing is beautiful, I'm also kind of digging the flower crown :) xx


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