If the shoe fits...


Oooh! I'm going to do a little haul post, that's what they're called isn't it? I've never done one before (well not that I remember but this is my 600 and something post, so do forgive me!).

So, I went a bit shoe crackers in Primark and picked up three gorgeous pairs of shoes for £6 each. 

I've just noticed too, my feet look totally different colours, it must have been the light, they are the same I promise! Ha ha !! 

These SO comfortable, I danced all Saturday night in them, they are honestly amazon, hence why I got them in a different colour (see the bottom pics!)

I haven't road tested these leopard beauties yet, but I don't even care if they're not comfortable, they are sooooo pretty!!

And finally, same as the first pair but in a different colour way. So, so cute! I've kind of been sensible with shoes of late and have been making quite expensive investment purchases, but sometimes, you just can't help having a bit of a fast fashion splurge now and then!! 

Have you picked up any bargains lately? Let me know where you've been shopping!

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  1. Oh those are lovely, they look so comfortable. The leopard ones are my fave :) xx

  2. I love your shoes and your feet are so beautiful Glory

  3. These look lovely & if you find a pretty, comfy pair of shoes at the right price - you MUST buy in different colours! It's a rule when you're as fussy as me lol


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