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It's always nice to get a different perspective, so when the lovely guys at Specspost offered to send Mr BeBe some prescription sunglasses for our holidays I thought it might be fun to pop them on the blog.  I know I have some male readers *waves* and for you gals, I thought it might be useful for the chaps in your lives.

So, Michael was very kindly sent 3 pairs of sunglasses all of which he gave a thorough testing whilst we was on holiday.

He's not a natural poser, so erm, yeh...

The first pair are the 'Camden Town' twin tone retro glasses. Michael liked the style of these but struggled with the gradient in the lens at first, he did say how they were quite useful when nipping in and out of the sunshine though. Michael has quite a large, wide head, these frames sat really well and were wide enough they didn't look odd or too small for his head as some glasses do.  

Catalogue boy strikes again...

Next up were the 'Italian Job' retro wayfarer style glasses - over all Michael liked these although for sunglasses he found the frame depth a little shallow for his massive head (ha ha sorry love). He did comment how comfortable they were though and he preferred the block colour lens in comparison the gradient on the first pair.  

Yes dear, you're hilarious...

Geek deep in thought...

Last but not least were the 'Hemingway' sunglasses with longer arms - these were by far Michaels favourite, he loved the style of them and said they were very comfortable. The slightly deeper lens gave him better protection out in the sun and he preferred the style of these ones too. 

What is always apparent for me, and Michael who has worn glasses since he was a kid is the value for money, there would be a time where he would have to pay at least £100+ for prescription sunglasses, so the fact you can get stylish glasses with the prescription for under £30 is just fantastic. Thanks again Specspost for bringing the awesome! 

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