The London Look - Part Three


Ok, so the final instalment of my epic London trip. I was lucky enough to head over to the SCPR press morning before I left the city. I was excited to check out the AW pieces from Fashion World and  Marisota

The focus was on the guest collections. This Autumn/Winter we'll be seeing more offerings from Claire Richards for Fashion World who as always favours a quite vintage vibe, the collections has some lovely 40s and 50s silhouettes and rich fabrics. 

Cute tea dress! (sorry terrible pic!)

Sequin glamour

Over to Marisota and another strong collection from Stylist Mark Heyes. The stand out piece for me and pretty much every one who walked through the door whilst I was there was this beautiful colour block coat. I know I fall in love with a lot of clothes and am basically a serial bigamist when it comes to me wanting to marry clothes, but really? This is coat of dreams, beautiful amazingness.

Cannot wait to see this styled up on the website

Despite what my face says (I was hungover) I LOVE it!!

P.S. My top is from Very, looks like it's sold out now, so gutted I can't share the details with you, but the Definitions ranges goes up to a 24 and has some really stylish pieces, it's definitely worth checking out! 

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  2. I need that green sequin number!!!! 💚💚💚💚

  3. Oh I love the neckline on that tea dress!

  4. That sequin dress needs to find its way into my closet asap!

  5. I love things with a bit of a vintage vibe - often so flattering on me! Yay!


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