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It may not have escaped your notice that there are certain items I have a bit of a love for and am naturally drawn to, like blazers and jeans for example! I am also a huge fan of jumpsuits, I have way more than is necessary to be honest. So when La Redoute got in touch and asked me to review something, what did I do? Pick a jumpsuit!

This simple, chic and comfortable jumpsuit is my dream garment. The fabric is light and flowing, the small details make it special without being flashy. 

I rather daftly sized up to a 26 as in the past I've had to in La Redoute, but I think a 24 would have been just fine. It's no biggy though I can make some adjustments to the waistband that will make it fit just fine. 

Sorry I have no idea why I look like I want to kill someone. I was perfectly happy that day I promise!! 

  photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. Looks lovely. Nearest I have got to a jumpsuit is a onesie haha. Really need to try one xx

  2. I still haven't tried jumpsuits. They just give me 5th grade leotard flashbacks, but you look so fabulous in them I might have to give them a whirl!

  3. Always worth a try ladies!!! B x x


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