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Well if ever there was a phrase to sum up my life at present it's that one. I most certainly have to give it some welly over the next few weeks. Our shop opens tomorrow, I'm back at uni this week and all my assignments are due in over the next four weeks, I have some really cool blog stuff coming up and it all feels a little overwhelming but definitely exciting! And you know me, as much as I stress and get upset, truth is, I thrive on this stuff. 

So anyway, I digress, you may have guessed this is a welly post. The awesome guys at Jileon sent me some wellies (is that the plural? I don't know) to review, which as we approach summer you may think, erm why? But I know some of you may be lucky enough to be heading off to festivals this year and you really can't go wrong with a good pair of wellies. 

Wellies have long been something those of us blessed with chunky calves have found less than easy to get hold of. I can't tell you the amount of times I've gone to try a pair on and they've got as far as my ankle. Major fail. So when I first tried a pair of Jileon's last year I can't tell you how chuffed I was to be able to put a pair on without worrying about them fitting. These babies have bags of room and are fully adjustable. Fab huh?

I look immensely rough, please excuse my face and focus on the wellies!!

I already have the pink floral Jileons but this time I went for the more classic black wide calf welly. I have to say the adjustable buckles have improved massively from last year, they are easier to use and are now a thick canvas and seem to stay in place better which is great news. These fit my 20 inch/50cm calves with ease and although the site says they'll fit up to a 53 cm calf, I'd say they would easily fit a few more inches to be honest. They are generous in the foot so you can either wear a thick sock or maybe size down?

I don't think people really appreciate how hard it is to get simple things like boots that fit your calves, so when companies like Jileon not only do it, but do it in style, I can't help but sing their praises. 

If you are thinking of grabbing yourself a pair for the summer festivals, walking the dogs or just want to put them away for winter, I have a discount code just for you guys! 

Use BEBE20 to get 20% off until next Thursday 24th April. Go on, treat yourself! 

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