Easy does it...


I like casual, I love dressing down. I'm not a dressy person, I'm most happy when I've slung a pair of jeans on and an oversized top. Thats not to say I like being sloppy or scruffy. I don't. 

The art of dressing "casually put together" is one I'm still trying to perfect fully, but will forever aspire to pull it off!

Today was such an attempt, I picked up this oversized jacket in the New Look sale for £13.00 and the baseball style t-shirt which wasn't in the sale but was something crazy cheap like £7.99. I layered the look with my trusty chambray shirt, treggings and chelsea boots. 

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. I love the jacket, looks really comfy, where is your bag from btw? :)

    Olivia @ Awake Looks

    1. It's SO comfy! The bag is from Just Fab. They have some really gorgeous bags x x

  2. I really like it!
    It looks comfy with that touch of understatement, that I prefer, without looking sloppy..

  3. I like casual! Jeans and an oversized top..and I'm on my way to school! Love the jacket by the way x


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