Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OOTD: To a tee...

When is a t-shirt not a t-shirt? Well. I ordered this "t-shirt" from Simply Be last week. I love simple grey marl T's and I thought the trapeze style of this one was going to make it a little different. 

When it arrived and I took it out the packaging, the fabric was not what I was expecting. I just thought it would be a jersey, t-shirt kinda deal. But it's not, it's kind of shiny, but you know what? I love it. It feels amazing on and after a wash it dries perfectly, like NO ironing whatsoever and that pretty much makes it the most perfect garment ever in my book because I can literally count the times on one hand that I've used an iron in the last year. I hate it and avoid it at all costs!

On sunday I was popping into the town centre to run a few errands and inspired by Claire's pic of her outfit that day, I digged around and found my spotty jeggings and teamed them with, said miracle tshirt. 

I wore: T-shirt - Simply Be// Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins (similar)// Trainers - Converse// Denim Jacket - South @ Very (similar)

Hilarious, the "oh look I'm walking casually" pose. PAH.

This is really my perfect outfit. It's laid back, casual and comfortable. The reality of the matter is I'm not some fancy city dweller. I'm a mum, a student, a business owner. Most of the time I'm running around like a blue arsed fly, armed with baby wipes and have biscuit crumbs squished into my thighs, and that's ok! 

I'm not here to be a 24 hour fashion maven, I'm merely sharing outfit ideas, and feel good fun stuff (well most of the time!) You don't have to be dolled up to the nines to feel great! Chose pieces that make you feel great and dip in and out of trends as you wish! And remember your size doesn't dictate what you can and can't wear. Now go forth and be fabulous!

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The London Look - Part two...

Part two of my London jaunt last week and in fact the very reason I was there. Thanks to Simply Be and their new collaboration with Look Magazine, I was invited to London to peruse the collection and have a swanky dinner at Balthazar. I always feel terribly conscious at these things, like the clumsy, bumbling northerner that I am. But wow do I love being there and feel so privileged to have even got an invite.

Myself and the gorgeous Naomi headed over the the restaurant to meet Rosie and a whole load of other gorgeous babes.

We were treated to champagne and canap├ęs on arrival and a chance to view the range. We were then seated for a huge meal, that was so, so good. I did manage to grab a few pics but the lighting was all atmospheric and gorgeous which sadly means rubbish pics!!

Love my Rosie <3

The collection made up of twelve pieces, has a great mix of prints, styles and shapes. And I think there is something in there to suit most tastes. I particularly liked the print bomber jacket and the very beautiful duster jacket. The jumpsuit is also super cool but sadly it has a palazzo leg, which always look terrible on me, but for those of you lucky enough to pull that look of there are also some gorgeous palazzo trousers (pictured with matching bomber below).

SO SO Beautiful

Okay, it's a picture of roses, but they were pretty ok?

You can view the full collection here. I'd be interested to know if there is anything that tickles your fancy!
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Monday, 28 April 2014

From Monday to Sunday...

(Sorry for the vague Lisa Stansfield reference, you might get it when you see the name of the product) Anyway - Let's get straight in there guys. Chub rub. You know, when our ample thighs can't help but make friends with each other? Nasty rubbing, chafing and for some, down right bloody soreness can be most inconvenient and painful. With Summer round the corner and things hopefully warming up, anything that keeps the old chub rub at bay is a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. 

The lovely Laura at The Big Bloomers Company has spent an absolute age developing some rather nifty anti-chafing shorts and very kindly sent me some to try. First and foremost, what sets The Big Bloomers Company apart from most UK brands out there is their size range. The shorts alone range from a UK 12 - 40. Probably the biggest size range I've seen for underwear and hosiery ever. 

I received the shorts just before my trip to London, so I thought what better chance to give them a really good testing than in hot, sweaty London. On and off trains, in and out of taxi's, pounding the streets of London. 

The first thing I noticed about the shorts was the soft fabric, the fit was great and they felt very comfortable. 

OMG my mirror seriously needs cleaning. 

As you can see they sit nice and high on the waist, and just above the knee (I went for the longer option. A short option is also available)

After a three hour train journey, an afternoon of running round London, a rather massive 3 course meal and various drunk attempts to mount a bar stool, I am happy to report that not only did the shorts prevent any chafing, they were comfortable, stayed in place, and in the day time when I was wearing a very floaty dress, they doubled up nicely as modesty shorts. (I like to feel secure and not run the risk of flashing my bits to an unsuspecting public)

Thank you once again to the Big Bloomers company for such a brilliant product.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD: Final cut

Just a quick outfit post. I've had this skirt from the Cut for Evans line for ages, but I've never got round to wearing it. I've bought two pieces from collection and I've been heartily impressed by both. I've also got the yellow scuba dress which is fab. I'm just gutted I missed out on the jumpsuit. I should have just gone for it. 

I had to run around doing loads of jobs yesterday and then I manned the shop with Michael in the afternoon so we grabbed these pics whilst it was quiet.

I wore: Print tube skirt - Cut for Evans// Top - ASOS Curve// Sandals - Primark

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Friday, 25 April 2014

The London Look - Part one...

Oooh it's been a busy week, hence why I haven't posted since Monday. This week myself and a whole host of blogging babes were invited to London for a swanky dinner at Balthazar to celebrate the launch of Simply Be's new collaboration with Look Magazine. I'll talk a little bit more about the event itself and the collection in part two.

Wednesday was a gorgeous day, so off I trotted to London feeling fabulous and wearing a banging outfit. What did I forget to do? Get any pics of it. Typical! I did manage to get a top half shot of the gorgeous cardi I picked up from Sainsburys last week though.

Behold the cardigan of beautifulness. I also wore my favourite necklace of all time, "the beast". I always get asked about it and on this trip alone I think at least 10 complete strangers commented on it! I got it from New Look just before Christmas, and it quickly sold out online, but I went into my local New Look the other day and they have it on stock again, so it's definitely worth a try if you're in the market for neck breaking, sight blinding amazingness! 

Becky travel. Sponsored by tea. (This is in no way an endorsement. I love all brands of tea equally LOL) (Specs however are by specspost, whom I love and heartily recommend) 

BEST. SEAT. EVER. Let it rain, let it rain, let. it. rain

On arrival to le big smoke, I headed to Oxford Street to meet up with favourite fashion gal and my good lady boss Rivkie from SLiNK Magazine/Boutique and my other good lady boss Debra of SLiNK Boutique, we had lunch with cool kiwi chick Lena at YallaYalla which is basically mine and Rivkie's date place, we always go there and share extraordinary amounts of food! 

I then went back to the hotel, checked in and went for a cuppa with the beautiful Naomi of Diamonds and Pearls, who is always the best advice giver and reassurer and all round lovely funny person (sorry gushing now). We then headed off to the dinner where I met my sister from another mister, Rosie of A Rose Like This

She so pretty, Y U SO Pretty?
Like I said, I'll talk a bit more about the collection and dinner in the next post, so I'll leave you with my outfit for the evening. I went for a crop top and maxi skirt combo, accessorised with sandals, huge necklace and big clutch! Easy, simple, comfy and maybe a little sexy?

Casual balcony leaning...
I wore: Top - F&F (similar at Dorothy Perkins) // Skirt - H&M// Sandals - Primark// Necklace - New Look// Bag - American Apparel 

A quick note about the maxi skirt. A big chunk of H&M's main range on the website goes up to a 22/24, this skirt would easily fit 26 possibly 28 it has bags of stretch in it, the waist band is quite thick and it has pockets! To top it all off, it's a bargainous £12.99. If you're looking for cool wardrobe basics, it really is my go to place. Don't head for the plus section though, it's a bit turd. It's getting better mind, but of you're around a 24/26 it's really worth taking a look at the main range.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Lazy Sunday (actually it's Monday) afternoon...

Bank holiday, as I get older, means lazy days and dinner at mums, (no more nursing a hangover and consuming left over pizza) so that's just what we did. We headed down to the river to feed the ducks before stuffing ourselves silly with a big roast dinner. The sun was out, and I've toned down the glare of my milky whites with a gradual tanner, so I popped on my new comfy casual dress from Simply Be. 

I have no idea what I am saying here...

I had a bit of a splurge last week and bought a few bits from Simply Be and Fashion World so I'll try and get those up over the next few weeks. 

I wore: Striped Dress - Simply Be// Necklace - Primark (old)// Bag - Osprey// Shoes - Converse// Prescription Sunglasses - Specspost

I'm wearing the size 24, I've been having some sizing issues with Simply Be, so decided to play it safe and size up. I probably could have got away with my usual 22 but I'm more comfortable with a bit of room. It's basic T dress, the fabric is nice and the draw string waist is a cute detail. I know it's something I'm going to chuck on over the summer time and time again. 

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