What a week...


Evening guys, I've had/am having one hell of a week. And although I should be posting pretty pics of clothes I have found myself mopping up sick and making dashes with the wee one to the GP unit. Thankfully Poppy is on the mend and the worst of the tummy bug seems to have passed. Which I'm incredibly grateful for. There is nothing worse than seeing your child or loved one ill, and feeling so helpless. 

I'm also relieved because I have my own health worries at the moment, and with uni deadlines looming, the opening of our shop and various other commitments I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

Today I had an endoscopy, possibly one of the most awful medical procedures I've endured and I have had some gross/painful/degrading ones done. But this was so awful, I just can't explain. In my infinite wisdom I decided to just go for the anaesthetic spray and no sedative so I was awake  throughout and felt it all. I won't go into all the gory details, safe to say it was awful, but it would appear there is nothing wrong with my stomach (YEY) so on Thursday they investigate the "other end" shall we say. Again something I'm not looking forward to.

Although I've already had a diagnosis of probable IBS, complicated by the fact I've had a gastric bypass and my gallbladder removed they are doing tests just to rule out anything else and cement the diagnosis. I'm thankful that they are taking the time to investigate so that appropriate medication/diet can be administered, but honestly? I just feel a bit broken and violated.

I'm sorry for the moan and I know in the grand scheme of things there are people enduring far worse things than this every second of the day, but I needed somewhere to have a bit of a moan and release. My mental health isn't fantastic at the moment so I'm throwing it all out there in the hope once I've said it out loud, that I'm stressed and sad and depressed, I can take step towards improving things. 

Thanks for listening x x 

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  1. Aww so sorry you are having a rubbish week. Tomorrow is a new day - take a deep breath! Its so weird its like a mirror image of me - IBS, gastric bypass and depression (not a barrel of fun!) - minus the poor wee one being poorly :( Have got no advice - just live in the moment and take each challenge as it comes - you will be alright xoxo

  2. I just posted something really similar to this. I'm finishing my year at college too and my mental health has taken a fair bit of a battering. Hope you're ok xx

  3. I'm really sorry you're having a hard time of it recently Becky, I'm thinking of you xxx

  4. Massive hugs honey. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm always here, even if you just want to write a ranty email and get it all out. I know life is kicking you in the cunny right now but you're a star and better things are coming. x x x

  5. I'm sorry to hear you aren't doing well. I hope your doctor(s) find out what's going on and you feel better soon.

  6. What a crappy time your having. I'm so pleased your little girl is on the mend. No great words of wisdom for you but much love and hope things imporove for you health wise soon xxx

  7. So sorry to hear this - feel better soon! :) x

  8. oh Becky, I hope you feel better soon :-( sending you and your little one lots of love x

  9. Oh, lovely you are really going through the mill at the moment. I hope you and your little one feel well, and that things are on the up for you all soon xxx


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