The big spectacle!


I love glasses, like, really love them. Before I had to wear them all the time because of my astigmatism I would wear them as a fashion accessory. Now I do have to wear them all the time, I've had to think about prescription sunglasses for the first time. 

The lovely gang at Specspost came to my rescue and sent me some awesome sunglasses and although it's only just getting to the point where it's sunny enough to wear them, I tried them all out the other day... (I was also very kindly sent a regular pair of glasses to add to my insanely increasing selection!)

These are my new favourite glasses, I just can't move on from the geek thing, they're too cute and I love the yellow inner and rims. They also some in red and purple and are only £15.00!! 

The "Arley" sunglasses are such a great shape, similar to my geek glasses they sit really comfortable and are only £17.99 at the moment!! 

The "Buddy" sunglasses are super cute, I just love the tortoise shell effect. 

The "Alfie" brown sunglasses are best sellers on the Specspost site and I can see why, easy to wear and will go with anything! 

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  1. Can I ask have you placed a paid for order with this company? My son wears glasses and as these are much cheaper than boots etc I'm interested to know how quickly they deliver and if they are reliable ? Thanks

  2. I love my glasses! I really like the look of yours - very geek-chic!


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