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This coming Sunday is a very special day at BeBe towers, not only is it Mothers Day but it's babba Beebs 4th birthday. This time, 4 years ago, I looked like this...

So, when Simply Be asked if I'd like to do a Mothers Day outfit post, I jumped at the chance. I don't normally do mummy stuff on here, but I thought considering the special day it would be fun. So we both got to chose outfits from Simply Be and their new kids site Kids Division. Poppy was very excited to be doing some "fashion" with mummy and promptly chose the most froufrou dress she could find!  

I will warn you now, EXTREME CUTENESS KLAXON.

So the clothes! I'm wearing the lace insert jumpsuit and Grazia jacket  as you can see from the first pic, four years on and I'm still a sucker for a blazer style jacket! I'd say size up on the jumpsuit, there is zero stretch and stay true on the jacket, it fits like a dream and the fabric is just gorgeous! Poppy is wearing the KD mini wrap over dress I sized up on this for Pops too, just because she is a tall like her dad, so everything is half-mast on her!! 

I thought I'd also take a moment to send love to those who don't have their mum's around for whatever reason. I know this can be a hard day and feels like it's shoved in your face left, right and centre. So sending massive hugs to you all. 

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  1. How cute! I want a pretty dress like your little poppet's! xx

  2. ahhhh--loved this post! very cool!

  3. Awww, too cute! And its my little man's 1st birthday this sunday too. Yay for the cool 30 March kids! :-D

  4. Aww what a lovely post - love the blazer & the dress is so cute!

  5. This post has made my day - you are both so beautiful and of course fashionable. Everyone will be smiling a little more today after having seen this! :) xx


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