Blue day, shoe day...


Greetings from my bed. A very tired, sad and slightly pained Beebs coming to you today. So what do I do when I feel under the weather? I shop for shoes! I stumbled upon Spartoo the other week whilst looking for a pair of Terry De Havilland wedges for my friend, she's been after a pair of their black wedge sandals for ages now, but, as it feels like we're all on a budget nowadays, I was trying to find some a little bit more in her price range.

I couldn't find her exactly what she was looking for but I did find myself getting sucked in to the site! So I thought I'd pick out some of my favourites and do a bit of a fantasy shop!

Now I know some of you might think I've completely flipped, but, I really love Crocs. Not the ugly clog ones, come along now, I'm not that daft. But some of the summer sandals and flip flops they have are really cute and oh my god are they comfortable.

These are simple and effective and will be perfect for slipping on and off round the pool.

I can't resist a stripe!

Love these sandals, great for running around after Poppy on the beach.

I've recently fallen in love with Converse, I've always admired them from afar but never got round to buying myself a pair. When I started uni last year, I thought they'd be perfect to wear with jeans and comfortable for all the walking I do. These are some of my favourites on the site.

Cute right? 

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  1. I love croc ballet shoes - I can walk for miles in them, so much more comfortable than trainers. Plus, a bit of soapy water and they come up like new. not tried their sandals yets xx

  2. Love the black stroppy sandals hard to believe they are crocs. The flip flops I buy every year those and Birkenstock gizeh are the only ones I can bare to wear for the endless walking around theme parks in Florida or on the beach in Cornwall.

  3. I love the way Converse look but they are cut so damn narrow, I just can't do it. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love the new style of crocs, they're so comfy and perfect for wet grass and beachs!


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