Kos I luv You


A slightly obscure Slade reference there, mixed in with a cheesy pun, sorry. 

I'm going on holiday this year, I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY! And not just some scabby old caravan in Skegness (sorry Skegvegas, I love you, but ya know). Our first holiday abroad since our honeymoon five years ago and our first holiday abroad with the small one. To say I'm excited is an understatement. 

I've been picking up a few bits and bobs when I can afford them. The first of which was this banging bikini from ASOS in the sale... 

This is my first bikini (unless you count those super high waisted ones which lets face it, are nothing more than a swimming costume with an air hole in them) I'm not saying I'm gonna be super confident or anything, but I'm gonna try and not give a shit. Is that the same thing?

The sizing was a bit screwed if I'm honest. I ended up with a 26 on the top half and its still a bit tight in the band and I went for a 24 on the bottom half just for my own personal comfort. Nevertheless, dodgy sizing issues aside, this is one super cute bikini and I'm looking forward to just rocking it. SO watch out Kos, chubby chick in a bikini headed your way!

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  1. You look wonderful! I bought a bikini from ASOS last summer, the first one I've owned since I was 10 or 11. ASOS definitely sells the trendiest plus size bikinis in the UK, and they are reasonable priced. I had the same sizing issues. I'm a size 22 top, 24 on the bottom. I bought a 24 top & bottom to be on the safe side, but really should have swapped it for a 26 top. I only wore it in the garden, so didn't bother with sending it back. Maybe this year I could borrow some of your confidence and take the bikini with me next time I go on holiday :) xx

    1. Consider it loaned, take all the confidence you need chick x x

  2. I wore a bikini for the first time last summer at the Disney water parks, so actually walking around in it without a towel or anything and the world didn't end, I didn't get asked to leave, and no one looked at me like 'omg put some clothes on!'. It was all a bit of anti-climax really! I'm a UK size 22, super pasty white with tiger stripes on my belly and after the first hour I forgot all about it.

    1. Hayley. Amazing. I love this, stories like this make me joyful. It's true isn't? Very few people actually care and those who do aren't worth bothering about!! x x x


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